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    French Visas

    Applying for Our Visas We had our visa appointments a couple days ago. I’m relieved to be done with this step, but terrified of being turned down. I won’t know how…

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    Happy Holi!!

    Today we went to our first Holi celebration. We showed up, ready for a bit of fun and left completely coated in the beautiful powder and a bit of mud because,…

  • Before the Move

    Yeah, This Should Go Smoothly…

    We have an official date! August 19th we leave and August 20th we check into our Airbnb!!! I’m so beyond excited and so past terrified! We’ve been checking things off of…

  • Frozen
    Before the Move

    Illinois, I Want to Break Up

    Yesterday I struggled most of the day with the decision we made to move to France. For any who believe we take this decision lightly, know that I have spent multiple…

  • Before the Move

    A Big, Scary First Step

    Bonsoir à tous! Or bonjour? Anyways, it’s 12:51 in the morning and my head is spinning. We have come so far in the research phase of our adventure, but there’s still…

  • Family/Kids

    10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

    I’ve put together a list of indoor activities to keep kids entertained. We are from a town outside of Chicago, so between October and March it’s usually cold. And for at…

  • Bristol Renaissance Faire with kids - Ren Faire
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    Bristol Renaissance Faire

    We visited the Bristol Renaissance Faire recently with our three kids and here’s what we thought. The last time we visited one was in Michigan before Ellie could even crawl. Since…

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    Everything is Under Control

    Deep breath. There’s no need to panic. Everything is under control. You can make it through the last little bit of this week. Okay, I feel a little better. How has…