A Big, Scary First Step

Bonsoir à tous! Or bonjour? Anyways, it’s 12:51 in the morning and my head is spinning. We have come so far in the research phase of our adventure, but there’s still so much unknown. So much to do. Our move to France is exciting beyond anything we’ve ever experienced, but the fear of something not working out is always looming over my head. Once we realized that hiring someone to help us figure it out was just way too far out of our reach, everything began piling up. I am so thankful for online communities though. We may not be able to hire someone to write our visa applications and assist us with our business plan, but we have multiple Facebook pages with so many helpful people. I’ll give you specifics on those at the bottom of the page.

Big news! Our US business is up and running! Hooray!  We are officially entrepreneurs! This is our first official step and it’s a little terrifying honestly. The plan is to get a few clients, enough to prove that we have an income for our visa application, and once we’re approved for the Profession Libérale visa, Carlos will sign up as a Micro-entrepreneur. I’m so worried we’ll get denied for not having enough income or enough in a bank account. I’m at the point where I am trying to come up with back up plans, but I know our only real option is to pour everything we have into this business to get it up and running and save like crazy. I refuse to get a no from the embassy. Our lives just don’t fit here anymore. 

I’m pretty justified in my fear of not having enough money to make this happen. You know how much we have in our savings account? $5. No joke. We are depending on our tax return and money from this business because the income from Carlos’ full time job barely keeps us afloat. But, we’ve had a hell of a lot of rough times over the past few years and we’ve stayed strong through it all. We can handle this. I truly believe it’s time for a little luck to come our way.

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. A bientôt!


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