Everything is Under Control

Deep breath. There’s no need to panic. Everything is under control. You can make it through the last little bit of this week. Okay, I feel a little better.

How has my week gone? Oh, great. The good news is I woke up thinking it was Tuesday. It’s actually Friday. Yay! On the other hand, two days ago our window fell out and shattered all over our toy room floor. After a day and a half we finally got the repair guy that our landlord insists on using to get his ass over to fix it. He picks it up and informs us that it will take ten days to order the parts. Ten days with an open first floor window. We don’t live in the safest town either. So there’s that. Oh and it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

Then our water heater goes out. We notice this as we have the kids in the bathroom ready to take a bath. It had already been too long since their last bath. (Yeah, they stink.) So we inform the repair guy about this new issue.

Now I’m standing in the kitchen boiling water while a naked toddler has free rein of our first floor because he exploded poop out of the back of his diaper and I can’t just plop him in ice cold water.

At least the girls are busy making bead necklaces in the dining room, and there is no pee on the floor…yet.

Happy Friday!!

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