Illinois, I Want to Break Up

Yesterday I struggled most of the day with the decision we made to move to France. For any who believe we take this decision lightly, know that I have spent multiple days this past year wondering if we should just give up on the idea and stay here. It’s scary, it’s hard, and staying here would simplify life so much. We could save up to put a down payment on a house and stay right where we are.


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So what keeps me going back? I give it some time, usually a day, and I’m reminded what we’re doing this for (the reasons are plentiful!!) I always go back to excitedly planning. After all, life begins outside your comfort zone. The fact that I could ice skate on the damn snow right now helps… Seriously, Illinois. I want to break up. The cold hurts my face and I just drove on a thick layer of ice to get my daughter from school.


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This isn’t going to be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. We have to work for it. We have to take risks. I have no doubt that this is the best decision for our family. Soon we’ll be in a safe little village walking through the market with a hint of salt from the sea in the breeze.

We’ve left this state multiple time trying to find where we belong. It doesn’t feel right here, and that’s not going to go away. We have to give this a shot, even if it’s tough. Even if we have to fight for it. If something feels right, hang on to it. Put everything you have into it.

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