I’m going to be Italian!

Just a quick update on how our move is going, and some big news that simplifies it all!

It was such a blessing to figure out that I can apply for Italian dual citizenship through descent, but damn that’s a lot of documents to track down, pay for, get apostilled and translated. ?

But the plan as of now is to head to Italy in March/April to apply directly at a comune. It could take 3 to 6 months, worst case scenario a year. I’m really hoping for a couple months. (If I applied in the US it would take over two years just to get an appointment at the consulate, then another year or so.) The kids and I will have the ability to stay past the 90 day limit while we’re applying, but Carlos can’t. So he’ll need a visa either from France (which would require his legal residence to be in France and maybe making a few trips back and forth from Italy to France) or from Italy but he can’t work on their visitor visa. We have to figure that out.

However, now we only have to prove enough income to get approved for one visa instead of five, and he should have no issues getting a French visitor visa. Once I’m approved, I’ll be an EU citizen and all any of us will need to stay/work in France is his residence permit as a spouse of an EU citizen.

So much to do, but I’m so thankful we have this new path to our dream!! This makes everything SO much easier!!! And we can both work for a French company once there, which is something we couldn’t do with our last plan.

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