Our Newfoundland Puppy

We have a dog!! Ok well in two weeks we get to bring her home. Her name is Violet and she’s a Newfoundland. If you’ve never heard of them, the breed is worth a look. They are one of the top dogs for families with children. They are sweet, gentle, lazy, and usually love water. She’s little now but she’ll be enormous soon.

We’re all so excited to bring her home!! The kids did great on the road trip to go meet her. It was a four hour drive each way, plus the extra time for all the stops. Apparently they enjoyed it because they want to go with to pick her up too.

She will be our adventurer dog and will travel with us as we explore Europe. If you want to see lots of pictures of this adorable fluff-ball, she even has her own Instagram. I told her it was silly, but she insisted. Stubborn newfs…

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