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With my current mood, I am motivated to let friends and family know our future plans. In July 2019, our current lease will end. We are not signing a new one. We will be reaching the final stages of our intercontinental move. We see our chance and we’re taking it! We have already been planning for a while and the next year, I know, will fly by faster than we can imagine.

Sometimes you look around and realize that you aren’t where you want to be. Sometimes your values and what you want out of life don’t fit perfectly with where you are. The American dream of working hard so you can have enough money to afford all that great stuff and that big house, that’s what we are taught equals happiness. Well, we got to a point where we just weren’t buying it anymore. Why would you want to work 60 hour weeks to get that extra cash when you don’t have time to enjoy it?? And Americans have a bad habit of not even using the small amount of vacation time we’re given.

Our health care, our schooling, IĀ could go on and on listing reasons why we aren’t happy here. And then there’s the political reasons. I won’t get into that mess right now! Basically, we aren’t happy here and we know we’ll fit much better elsewhere. We want to travel. We want adventure. Carlos will be working remotely as a web developer and I’ll be writing our family travel blog from Lyon, France. We will be making use of our close proximity to everywhere in Europe by visiting everywhere we have dreamed of seeing.

There’s an article from the point of view of somebody who has already made the move and she puts it perfectly (I’ll put the link at the bottom):

“Of course gun control is not the only benefit I enjoy living in Europe. I certainly could say more about the work-life balance provided by the 35-hour workweek, the five weeks of paid vacation I enjoy each year, the two years paid unemployment benefits I would receive should I lose my job, my access to free health care, paid maternity leave, affordable child care, free education from age 3 through to university or the state-provided retirement pension I will receive at age 65.”

There are so many reasons that we aren’t happy where we are anymore and we’ve decided to do something about it. Life is too damn short. We want to see the world and we refuse to wait until we retire. After all, nobody knows if they’ll be around that long. I’m so lucky to have found someone as crazy as I am to go on this adventure with. It’s a scary plan, but we’re sure about it. So we are planning our move. This is our official announcement since we haven’t told everyone yet. Our goal is the end of next year. I’m not sure if it’ll be taken seriously, but be sure this isn’t some impulsive dream. We have researched, we have printed forms, we have started saving. Our plan is to move for a year and see how we feel after that. I hope you can be excited for us, and also be sure that we’ll be back often to visit. And our family and friends will always be welcome to stay with us if they want to take a trip to France.

So, now that it’s out in the open, feel free to check out the rest of our blog if you want more details.

Back when we were crazy kids, just starting our adventure


Passport forms

Our passport forms. Our first step will be his citizenship, second will be these.


Click here for the article I quoted. It’s a great read

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