The Unpredictable Mess Of An International Move

How the hell is this going to work?! It can’t! What are we doing?! Ahhhh! Help! Send wine!

Okay. Bonsoir. I am a little closer to a mental breakdown than I would like to be, but I’m okay for now. A little update, and forgive me if I’m all over the place. I have 42 tabs open in my brain at the moment. The second the new year hit, my already flailing feet hit the ground. Time to get shit going.

So our savings is once again non-existent. We fail.

Alright, we’re not that bad.

I kid. We really are. It’s empty. What is wrong with us?? Anyways, back to depending on that tax return. The one time having three kids makes you a little less broke. I am planning the logistics of our actual arrival and travel from Paris to Turin. It feels impossible. This little bit of travel is stressing me out more than the idea of moving to a country we have never even visited.

Although, it’s a pretty funny mental picture. Carlos, me, my mother (who is helping us move), three kids six and under, a Newfie, our new addition; a Catahoula mix, and three cats stuffed into a train. I can’t stow a Newfie by my feet. That’s a big no on that option. 

Our pups

So the plan has the same end goal as it did last year, but it looks a little different now. We are flying into Paris in April with the pets in the cargo hold. I feel guilty for putting them through that, but they’re family so I can’t leave them behind. Our second puppy adoption has added even more expenses, all because we have no impulse control.

We are staying in Italy through the spring and summer. This is a new addition to our plan. After being denied our our visas last year, I found out that through my great great grandfather I can apply for citizenship through descent in Italy. I won’t get into the details of that in this post. Once it’s done, I’ll share how the process went for us.

I digress. The plan. Once we land in Paris, we have to figure out how the hell to get our circus from CDG airport to Turin, Italy. Rental cars have big freaking fees if you drive them one way. Like hundreds to thousands of dollars, plus the cost of the rental itself. Not to mention, even in a large passenger van it may be a bit of a stretch to think we could all fit. 

The easiest option would be a company that transports pets by driving them across Europe. This exists, but the price made me a little lightheaded. Ugh! Why do we have so many damn animals? 


That’s where I’m at. Then comes the stress of finding a house rental in Italy that will allow us to stay with so many pets. Once in France, they legally can’t turn us down for having animals. We don’t even have to disclose that information. I wish we could just skip this and go straight to living in France, but it can’t work without the stop in Italy.

Oh, and there’s the vlogging thing.

I’m also binge-learning a whole new set of skills during this chaos because, you know…time to spare?? Or I’m a masochist. I’m learning about cameras, videos, editing and cinematography. I want to be able to share our adventures this way. I will be documenting the moving process and everything leading up to it just as soon as I get the hang of making videos. I also need to get over the fear of speaking on camera. Vlogging is not going to be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done. I’m an introvert so I’ll really have to push myself.

We’re under 100 days now!

So, that’s where we are now. I know I said this would be a little update but it has been a while since my last post. Sorry for the wall of text. I’ll keep updating as we get closer to our departure date. You don’t want to missing the comedic disaster of our international move. A bientôt.



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