Yeah, This Should Go Smoothly…

We have an official date! August 19th we leave and August 20th we check into our Airbnb!!! I’m so beyond excited and so past terrified! We’ve been checking things off of our to-do list, like working out how to handle traveling with pets.

We bought the kennels for our FOUR PETS. I sat there staring at them all put together thinking that we may love our pets too much. I can’t believe we’re going to be hauling this craziness through the damn airport. With three kids! Hmm, do we really need three cats…? ? In all honestly, I couldn’t leave any of them behind.

So, yeah…that day of travel should be nice and smooth. Not stressful at all. I’ve been buying little things to make our trip easier. I’ll make a post later giving my recommendations because, let’s face it, if it helps us through this move, it can help anybody!!

Deep breaths. These are big steps. Big items crossed off our checklist. Things are actually moving along!

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